Rocket Pool Now Allows Staking ETH On Ethereum Layer-2 zkSync Era

• Rocket Pool has deployed on zkSync Era, allowing users to use rETH in DeFi protocols on the network.
• Ethereum Layer-2 scaling projects are becoming more popular amongst industry incumbents.
• Rocket Pool is the second largest liquid staking protocol in the industry and is now available on zkSync Era.

Rocket Pool Deploys on zkSync Era

Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, zkSync Era, is gaining traction amongst industry incumbents as one of the most promising solutions for scaling Ethereum. On Thursday, Rocket Pool announced its deployment on zkSync Era, making it the first liquid staking project to join this new platform.

Benefits of Using zkSync Era

Users will be able to use rETH tokens for cheaper transactions and deploy them in various decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Additionally, fraud proof technology used by both Arbitrum and Optimism rollups makes it possible for users to stake ETH with Rocket Pool without worrying about security issues.

Second Largest Liquid Staking Protocol

Rocket Pool is currently the second largest Ethereum liquid staking protocol with 687,456 ETH being staked with the project. This places it just behind Lido in terms of market share within this sector.

What Does This Mean?

The move from established Ethereum projects like Rocket Pool towards Layer-2 scaling solutions signals a growing demand for such technologies within the industry. Ultimately, these solutions are expected to increase throughput and decrease transaction costs while preserving Ethereum’s security features at the same time.


With its deployment on zkSync Era, Rocket Pool will continue to offer users an efficient way to stake ETH and earn rewards with minimal effort required from their side

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